A Passion Most Pure

A Passion Most PureA Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman

Series: The Daughters of Boston


Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group


An enjoyable book that hooks the reader right from the beginning! This first novel in the Daughters of Boston series begins the compelling story of the O’Connor family, with the main storyline tracking the oldest daughter, Faith. Set at the beginning of WWI, the novel follows the O’Connor clan from Boston to Ireland and back again.

An ongoing sibling rivalry pits shy, quiet, and devout Faith against her younger, much prettier and flirtatious sister, Charity. In the middle of the contention is Collin McGuire, the original bad boy from the wrong side of town.

The story follows Faith as she deals with her sister dating the man Faith has dreamt about for years.  She has fantasized about Collin McGuire since she was a young girl; but now as a young woman coming to terms with life, she realizes he will not meet her ideal of love nor her expectations of a relationship based in faith. The triangle between the three becomes even more complex as the story progresses.

A fun read with an engaging storyline!  Definitely interesting enough that I’ve almost completed book two as well! Great job Julie Lessman! Thanks so much for the book! I can’t wait to share with friends.



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