A Light in the Window by Julie Lessman

Light in the Window

A Light in the Window by Julie Lessman

Publication Date: November 2012

Publisher: Ten Talents Press

Purchased at Amazon.com


“Marcy cocked her head to study him, grateful she and Patrick had become good friends over the last month. Good enough that they were now able to laugh and talk about everything, from religion to politics to her relationship with Sam.”

Julie Lessman goes back in time to bring the readers of The Daughters of Boston and The Winds of Change series the story of how Marceline “Marcy” Murphy chose Patrick O’Connor over his best friend Sam O’Rourke. This charming story of a mismatched love triangle answers questions that were raised in the Daughters of Boston series.

Marcy returns to Boston after a five year absence and falls back in with her best friend Julie as though she had never left. When Marcy moved from Boston, she had been young enough to have a tongue-tied crush on Julie’s big brother, Sam. Five years later, a more grown up Julie is torn between Sam and his best friend, Patrick O’Connor. Both men are notorious scamps well-known throughout the Boston south side.

Whichever man Marcy chooses has some changes to make in his life. Marcy is a devout young woman with a firm belief in God. She, with her friend Julie’s assistance, manages the production of the parish Christmas presentation, A Light in the Window, to raise money for the parish’s soup kitchen.  Sam and Patrick fall over each other assisting with the presentation and working at the soup kitchen.  Little does Marcy know that the boys are paying penance to the parish priest for poor behavior. The experiences will change one of them forever.

A very appealing story! I really enjoyed Julie’s prequel to her other series. I have read the Daughters of Boston series and thoroughly enjoyed the stories. This shorter novel was a fun catch up to fill in some blanks that were left open in the series.  Julie has appealing characters with plenty of personality. As in most romance based stories, the ending is generally predictable, but the road taken to get there is always entertaining. Julie Lessman is an engaging author with her unique style of “passion with a purpose.”




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