The Dancing Master by Julie Klassen

dancing master

Publication Date: January 2014

Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group

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Another amazing novel by Julie Klassen! Ms. Klassen has again written an engaging regency historical novel with characters that are extremely appealing to the reader. She has an accomplished manner in keeping her conversation true to the period. I very much enjoy her use of epigraphs at the beginning of each chapter. They often add historical information that is very interesting and add to the overall historical detail of the book.

At the beginning of the novel the reader meets Alec Valcourt, handsome young dancing and fencing instructor fresh from London, along with his mother and his sister, Aurora. The Valcourt family has been forced through mysterious circumstances to move to the village of Beaworthy, presided over by Lady Amelia Midwinter and her daughter, Julia. The quaint little village has a cast of town characters that are amusing and entertaining.

The story unfolds as Alec discovers that the town does not allow dancing. His entire training and life experience have been involved with dancing and fencing. He struggles to figure out how to support his mother and sister in a town that does not allow dancing. Alec uncovers the reasoning behind the ban on dancing to be Lady Amelia and another darkly shrouded family secret. Alec soon finds himself employed by Lady Amelia as a clerk, effectively shutting down his hopes of opening a dance academy in the village.

The story continues with the uncovering of family secrets from the Valcourts and Midwinters both. In addition to the family secrets, an attraction develops between Alec and Julia Midwinter. Everyone knows in Regency times, the daughter of the manor was not entitled to fall in love with a dancing master masquerading as a clerk.

Read the story to discover how Julia and Alec resolve the issues of their times and to uncover the many family secrets of the Valcourts and Midwinters! The ending is a lovely recap one year later tying up all the loose ends of our characters’ lives. A fun read that is extremely enjoyable! Thanks again for the great work, Julie Klassen!


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