The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn by Lori Benton

The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn


Publication Date: April 2014

Publisher: Waterbrook Press

Purchased copy from



“Have faith that God has you right where you need to be, though all around seems bewildering. Have faith that He sent you help when you needed it, that He will guide you on from this moment too. One step at a time. . .”

-Luther Teague to Tamsen

I would like to say that Lori Benton is an amazing, relatively new author who can grab the reader’s interest in a truly captivating way. The characters and dialogue pulled me right into the story in such a manner that I felt as though I were struggling through the mountains alongside Tamsen and Jesse Bird.

I really enjoyed this inspirational historical fiction novel. I am fascinated by the historical details Ms. Benton incorporates in her story. The book is set in the mountains of the Lost State of Franklin or North Carolina, depending upon whose side you chose in the dispute. In addition to the details regarding the lost state of Franklin, Ms. Benton also includes many particulars about the Cherokee, Shawnee, and Chickamauga Indians of the area.

Tamsen Littlejohn is a lovely young woman raised to be a genteel lady. She makes some startling discoveries about herself as she matures and develops throughout the story. She wants to be more than a pretty face to grace someone’s table. However, Tamsen should have heeded the advice to “be careful what you wish for,” because she gets more than ample opportunity to stretch her skills and abilities along the journey to finding herself.

Jesse Bird, a young man who appears to be at least half Indian and a bit on the wild side, sets out to rescue Tamsen from a difficult situation with her stepfather and an unwanted suitor. Jesse is enamored with Tamsen from the first time he sees her, feeling that she might be the “one.” As the plot progresses, the reader finds out that there is much more to Jesse and his story than what one initially sees.

Tamsen and Jesse’s quest through the mountains of Franklin to safety is full of adventure, suspense, romance, and inspiration. Both Jesse and Tamsen do a great deal of self-discovery and inner soul searching as they progress through the mountains searching for safety at Jesse’s cabin in the mountains. Read and enjoy Tamsen and Jesse’s story! Terrific book for all historical fiction fans!!



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  1. loribenton

    Wonderful review, thank you so much!


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