So Fair a Lady, Book 1 by Amber Lynn Perry

So Fair a Lady

Series: Daughters of His Kingdom Series

Publication Date: May 2014

Publisher: Liberty Publishing

Purchased copy from


So Fair a Lady is a great debut novel by a very promising new author. The novel is a terrific story that catches the reader’s attention and holds it throughout the book. The plot gets a grip on the reader immediately, and the suspense pulls one along at an excellent pace.

Set in Boston, Massachusetts in 1773 the story details the turmoil and conflict going on at that time. The per-Revolutionary period was a volatile time and very few escaped the political intrigues. I enjoyed the historical detail in the novel and the nice job Ms. Perry did presenting the confusion of the people at that time over the historical events that were unfolding.

Eliza and Kitty Campbell are two young women raised as protected, well loved daughters of a dedicated Tory doctor, loyal to the King. At only 50 years of age, Robert Campbell dies leaving his daughters alone. Right before his death, Robert hands Eliza a mysterious letter to be read only by her and not her younger sister, Kitty. Eliza reads the letter and her life is changed forever.

Thomas Watson, a young printer, is a devout Son of Liberty and strong patriot. Although Eliza had never met Thomas prior to her father’s death, their lives become entwined along a journey to save themselves. Thomas, Eliza, and Kitty, along with the help of Thomas’s good friend, Dr. Nathaniel Smith, manage to flee Boston and hide over the course of several months.

Eliza experiences a transformation from protected daughter to a knowledgeable young woman well versed in the political rhetoric of the time. Thomas and Eliza find adventure, romance, and suspense along the way. The characters grow and develop nicely throughout the story and a pleasing ending is achieved leaving plenty of room for growth and development in the coming story of Kitty and Nathaniel. If you enjoy Christian historical fiction, read the story of Eliza and Thomas and life in pre-Revolutionary Massachusetts. Very appealing read!




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