Stuck Together (Trouble in Texas, #3) by Mary Connealy

Stuck Together by Mary Connealy

Series: Trouble in Texas

Publication Date: June 2014

Publisher: ARC from and Bethany House Publishers


Stuck Together, a rowdy little novel set in 1868 in Broken Wheel, Texas, is an entertaining read from seasoned author, Mary Connealy. She writes what she lives and knows best.

The town of Broken Wheel is a desolate little place with a minimal population of mismatched and interesting people. Vince Yates, a do-it-yourself lawyer and unpaid sheriff, meets his match when Tina Cahill, self-reliant, picket toting woman, comes to town to stay with her brother, Jonas.  Jonas and Vince are part of a close knit group of friends that survived the civil war in the confines of Andersonville prison by serving as Regulators.  A bond that defies normal friendship ties the small group of four together.

The story details the enormous sense of responsibility that Vince takes on for the town and for all the people involved in his life. He is a rather serious, handsome fellow who is determined never to marry due to the dementia that he thinks is hereditary in his family. The novel takes on some serious issues such as dementia, mental illness, and family relationships.

Tina Cahill is a lovely, spirited young woman who wants nothing more than to be loved and needed. She spent her young life in less than pleasant situations and never truly felt loved. She meets Vince, who is dead set against marriage, and the lightning strikes.

The secondary cast of characters, some from previous novels, is an engaging group, individually and as a whole. The storyline would not be complete without the mixture of the entire cast of town characters.  The challenges they face as a group are demanding and entertaining. The historical aspect of the novel is interesting with information about Andersonville and the Regulators adding a realistic note to the story.

Readers of light, inspirational historical fiction will like this novel. The book is not a heavy, complicated read, but a nice mixture of inspirational and family drama with a little mystery and a whole lot of romance going on! Read and enjoy! I have not read the first two in the series, but I am definitely going back and read those two so I am up to date on the story!

This ARC copy was received from Bethany House Publishers and in exchange for an honest review. The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.



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