Love’s Fortune by Laura Frantz

Love's Fortune


Series: The Ballantyne Legacy, Book Three

Publication Date: Sept 2014

Revell Books

ARC copy compliments of Laura Frantz and Revell


The Ballantyne family once again draws the reader into their inner family circle in Pennsylvania. The journey through the novel begins in Cane Run, Kentucky in August of 1850 with the introduction of Rowena “Wren” Ballantyne, only daughter of Ansel Ballantyne. Wren, a lovely young woman in her mid-twenties, has spent her life running free in the hills of primitive Kentucky involved in a life of music and simplicity. Now, totally unschooled in the ways of high society, she is forced to join its ranks in Pittsburg.

The engaging family story unfolds as Wren struggles to “come out” in society without the support of her much-loved father, who has left Pennsylvania on family business. We meet the entire Ballantyne family in this novel, all living around the area and involved in family life. The family dynamics pull the reader deep into the plot as Cousin Bennett tries to manipulate Wren to his advantage.

James Sackett, an exemplary steamship pilot for the Ballantyne line and close family friend, makes Wren’s acquaintance early in the book. James and Wren begin a complicated dance of emotions as he squires her about to social functions at the same time his good friend, Malachi Cameron, tries to court her.

The historical details of the story encompass a variety of interesting issues. First, the story encompasses the struggles with slavery and the abolitionist movement as early as the 1850’s. Secondly, the historical aspect of society and arranged marriage are covered through detailing of tragic circumstance. Another fascinating historical element exposed is the changing landscape of the transportation industry at that time. The historical components blend and tie the storyline together very well.

The story weaves romance and history throughout its pages. The characters exhibit genuine emotions, the occasional character flaw, and moral strength all the way through the novel. Read this book to find out whether James, Malachi, and Wren can resolve their conflicts and find a resolution to their lives!

Wonderful job, Laura Frantz! An amazing author and truly inspiring person!


This ARC copy was received from Laura Frantz and Revell in exchange for an honest review. The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.



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9 responses to “Love’s Fortune by Laura Frantz

  1. I’m around the halfway point of this novel. I was so excited for it and so far I love it. It is everything I was hoping it would be and more. Laura Frantz is truly a wonderful author.


    • I was just laughing this evening at your post on A Bride in Store. We are reading the same books! Laura Frantz’s book is terrific. I have loved every book she has written. She just can’t write them fast enough for me. Hope you enjoy as you finish


    • Oh I agree! I feel like I’ve been waiting for Love’s Fortune for years now… Her novels are well worth it though.


  2. Mary, Your site here is so lovely – the bridge banner is just exquisite and reminds me of Scotland! And your review means more than I can say. You’ve crafted it with a lot of thought and care and I so appreciate that you “got” all the elements in Wren’s story and the historical happenings which were many in that era! You are a gem of a reader and it’s an honor to have you as an influencer and reading friend. My publisher, Revell, thanks you, too! Blessings here on your own ministry reviewing books.

    I’m honored by D.L’s comments, too. Bless you both! You inspire me to write on…!


  3. Rach Merritt

    Totally loved and enjoyed this book! This series is a do not miss!


  4. Bonnie Roof

    Wonderful review – thank you!! There truly aren’t enough words to describe the beauty and mastery of Laura’s books!! I so agree with both of you: Laura is the “best of the best”, her books are so much more than the reader’s expectations, each of her books has found a place in my heart to stay, and I so joyfully anticipate each book she writes!!

    Shared post!!


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