The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen

secret of pembrooke park

Publication Date: December 2014
Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group
ARC Copy from and Bethany House


Once again Julie Klassen transports us back to the Regency era with a terrific historical novel set in rural Berkshire County, west of London around 1817. The novel contains several elements of mystery running through the storyline that definitely pull the reader in and add to the overall story.

The mystery begins with the introduction of Mr. Arbeau, a distinguished looking older man who delivers a cryptic invitation to reside at Pembrooke Park to the Foster family, who are in the midst of dire financial straits. The characters are a mixed lot in this novel. They range from sensible Abigail to her flighty sister, Louisa, to the mysterious Mr. Arbeau and the irresistible Parson’s assistant, Mr. William Chapman.

The story centers around the family secrets of the Pembrookes, their relations, and employees. The story covers a time span of approximately 20 years and goes back to an earlier generation of the Pembrooke family and the previously deserted house. The layers of mystery are deep and intriguing. As they are peeled back and secrets revealed, events unfold that the Foster family could not foresee. As with all of Ms. Klassen’s novels, a bit of romance must evolve in the story.

This book is an interesting tale and will keep the reader’s attention. Find out the secrets of the Pembrooke family by reading the novel! The ending works very well and all the unanswered questions and family mysteries are cleared up. A bit more serious than the usual Klassen stories and a bit longer than usual! Thanks again for a wonderful job, Julie Klassen!



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4 responses to “The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen

  1. I am so anxious to get a copy of this book! I’m a bit late to discovering Julie Klassen, but once I did, I couldn’t get them fast enough to read them. She is a very talented story-teller.

    I’m kind of excited that you mentioned that this one is a bit longer than her typical books.


  2. I’m so excited! I just got my copy of this book. I have a couple of other books I need to get through first, but knowing this one is waiting for me makes me want to skip ahead to it!


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