The Bracelet by Dorothy Love

Love, Dorothy The Bracelet

Publication Date: December 2014

Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc.

ARC copy from the author


“But the truth was that sooner or later misfortune visited every house.”

                                                                             -Celia Browning

 Celia Browning’s contemplation above is a statement that is universally true throughout the ages. However, in the novel The Bracelet, our heroine Celia Browning, a sweet Southern belle from a very wealthy family, takes the entire book to figure out that this adage applies even to her.

Set in scenic Savannah, Georgia during the mid 1800’s just prior to the Civil War, the story unfolds with the eminent arrival of Sutton McKay, a handsome young man from a well to do family, intent upon marrying Celia. Their story unfolds as a nosy journalist pursues a story based on events that occurred fifteen years earlier in the Browning household.

The suspense and mystery unfold as the story progresses with the inclusion of Ivy, Celia’s jealous cousin and Louis, a sullen young orphan from the Savannah Asylum for Orphan Girls. The relationship between Ivy and Celia is a tumultuous one, loving at times, but lacking in any emotional depth. The novel contains a great deal of day to day detail that slows the flow of the story down at times. The romance is spelled out from the beginning so there are no surprises there.

The book is based on an actual event that occurred in Savannah in 1860. The story is interesting enough to compel this reader to finish the book, but I did find the novel a little slow. The actual historical detail in the book is interesting and the picture of society in Savannah is painted in a different light than the usual Southern aristocracy.

I won this copy in a drawing on Dorothy Love’s Facebook page in exchange for a fair review. The opinions and statements above are my own.

3/5 stars



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One response to “The Bracelet by Dorothy Love

  1. I’ve been debating on whether to pick up this novel. The storyline is so intriguing. I’ve read a couple of other books by Dorothy Love that I liked well enough, just not sure if her style is quite what I like.

    Thanks for mentioning that it is a bit of a slower paced novel. I guess I will still be trying to decide on whether to pick this one up or not.


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