Steadfast Heart by Tracie Peterson (Book 1, Brides of Seattle)

Steadfast Heart


Publication Date: January 2015

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

ARC Copy from and Bethany House Publishers


“The Bible said in Psalms that God gave you the desires of your heart. If God indeed put the desire to marry Kolbein in her heart, then certainly He would see the marriage to completion.”                                                                                 -Lenore Fulcher


This novel, set in Seattle, Washington in March of 1888, establishes the beginning of Tracie Peterson’s new series. In this first book of the series, we meet Lenore Fulcher, a lovely well-bred young lady, and Abrianna Cunningham, a rather wild, carefree young woman who feels called to deal with the poverty stricken of Seattle’s waterfront district. The book tells the story of their friendship and the trials of one friend marrying and the other struggling to deal with her own feelings.

Lenore’s parents chose an older businessman as a suitor since she has been unable to come up with anyone acceptable. However, Lenore meets Kolbein Booth, a young lawyer from Chicago, right around the same time, which puts a definite wrinkle in her parent’s well thought out plans. Abrianna lives with her adopted aunts at the Madison School for Brides. The two girls, in spite of their differences, are best of friends. This story explores the girls’ friendship and sets up the storyline for future books in this series.

The secondary characters in the novel are entertaining and add a bit of depth to a story that struggles to hold the reader’s interest. The plot was rather sporadic and went in several directions. I did enjoy the historical detail about Seattle and the waterfront areas.

The book is a bit confusing in places and it took some effort to get through the first half. Once I finished the first half, the story seemed to progress at a better pace. As with most of Tracie Peterson’s books, this one contains romance, mystery, and historical detail grounded in good Christian values.

 This ARC copy was received from Bethany House Publishers and in exchange for an honest review. The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.




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3 responses to “Steadfast Heart by Tracie Peterson (Book 1, Brides of Seattle)

  1. I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t like this one quite as well. I’ve been looking forward to it and have a review copy on my kindle. I had heard her last series (I didn’t read it) wasn’t as good as some of her past series, so I hoped she would be back to writing some wonderful stories again. Hopefully I’ll find enough to keep my interest.


    • D.L.,

      You know how it is with some books; one person really likes it and another just doesn’t get into it that well. This particular one just didn’t grab my attention like several of her other books. Give it a try and see what you think! Thanks for stopping by.



    • I plan to still read it. Just might have slightly lower expectations and hope I’m proven wrong, I guess.


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