So True a Love, Book 2 by Amber Lynn Perry

Perry, Amber Lynn So True a Love

Series: Daughters of His Kingdom Series
Publication Date: January 2015
Publisher: Liberty Publishing
Purchased copy from



So True a Love continues the tale started in So Fair a Lady by relatively new author, Amber Lynn Perry. This story follows Kitty Campbell as she arrives to live once again with her sister, Eliza and her new husband, Thomas Watson, whom we met in the previous novel. After spending the last year in Boston with an aunt, Kitty returns to Sandwich as serious political turmoil begins to erupt in April of 1775.

The core of the storyline is based on a very real historical event called the Powder Alarm. I enjoy the time period and I feel that the historical detail in the novel contributes to the overall story. The instability and intrigue of the time period just prior to the Revolutionary War add suspense to the book.

The sisters have firmly different beliefs, Eliza, a patriot, and Kitty, a Tory. In spite of Kitty’s Tory beliefs, she finds herself drawn once again to Dr. Nathaniel Smith, fervent patriot and one of the town’s leaders in charge of munitions. Inadvertently drawn into a Tory plot in the town, Kitty is blackmailed in to aiding and assisting Cyprian Wythe, a notoriously unpleasant man that runs a local tavern.

Over the course of several months of friendship with Nathaniel and some serious reconsideration of her own inner self, Kitty begins to acknowledge the right to freedom and liberty. Follow Kitty and Nathaniel’s path to true love and adventure. A very enjoyable read that has me anxiously awaiting the third novel in the series due this spring!

This book was an copy from purchased. The book review has been provided as an honest and unbiased review.

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