The Last Heiress by Mary Ellis

Ellis, Mary  The Last HeiressPublication Date: February 2015

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ARC Copy from and Harvest House Publishers



“You wish me to board a ship and sail to America? The farthest I’ve traveled is across the channel to the continent.”

-Amanda Dunn

Thus begins the adventure of Amanda Dunn, sheltered and socially genteel daughter of a British manufacturing magnate. Amanda heads to Wilmington, North Carolina from Lancashire, England in the spring of 1864. Her mission is to try and restore trade between her family’s textile mills and the remaining cotton producers at this time during the Civil War. She travels with an ulterior motive, to reunite with her sister who ran away five years previously.

Amanda meets Nathaniel Cooper, industrious young merchant, who is striving to better himself. A tumultuous relationship ensues complicated by her proper Southern relations and Nate’s own views of the war.

The characters in this novel have depth and character. Amanda is a strong woman with a good head on her shoulders for accomplishing each task she sets out to achieve. She is a very amiable young woman, who is offset by her twin sister, Abigail. Nathaniel is an appealing young man who is played opposite the not so nice Mr. Jackson Henthorne, Amanda’s brother-in-law. The cast of characters are engaging and each plays a unique role in the novel.

This storyline offers an interesting comparison of life and social class between the southern states and England. The story’s emphasis on the likenesses between the two was done very well. The historical detail about blockade running also added an interesting aspect to the storyline.

This book was an enjoyable read. The ending was relatively predicatable and pleasant. The novel offered a good mix of historical fiction and romance. I would definitely read Mary Ellis again. She has authored several books in the Civil War era.

This ARC copy was received from Harvest House Publishers and in exchange for an honest review. The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.

 4/5 stars


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