The Wood’s Edge by Lori Benton

The Wood's Edge

Publication Date: April 2015

Waterbrook Multnomah

ARC copy from author

“But as she spoke, the knowledge of what had been done burst inside her head like one of the big fort guns exploding.”

During the in fall of Ft. William Henry in August of 1757, Good Voice, wife of Oneida warrior Stone Thrower, has given birth to twin boys, one brown, one white. What should have been a rare event to be celebrated with much joy has turned into a tragic occasion. When she awakens after having given birth, one baby is dead and one still lives.

Rescued and returned to Stone Thrower with one living son, Good Voice begins a different life than the one she anticipated prior to the birth of her babies. The chain of events that unfolds as a result of the white baby’s death forever changes the families of Reginald Aubrey and Stone Thrower. Both men suffer and grieve in very different ways; all parts of their lives revolve around the death of the boy at Ft. William Henry. One man is bitter and unforgiving and the other man guilty and distant.

The storyline is complex, involving several characters that play primary roles in the novel. Anna Catherine, a young orphan rescued by Reginald as they fled Ft. William Henry, grows into a beautiful, bright young woman whose life becomes complicated over the years as she becomes good friends with Two Hawks, the son of Stone Thrower and Good Voice. Lydia McClaren, daughter of the apothecary that gives aid and a home to the Aubreys, is another young woman with character and loyalty. The two girls form a bond over the years as their lives become entwined. William Aubrey, son of Reginald and his wife, grows from an overprotected young boy to a fine, intelligent young man over the years.

Throughout the novel, someone is frequently at the wood’s edge; emotionally, spiritually, or physically. Once in awhile, it was even me as the reader. Read this amazing story to grasp the significance of being at the wood’s edge. The book will grip your attention as you follow it through the years from 1757 to 1776 and the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Absolutely amazing read! The characters stay with you long after you put the book down. Anxiously awaiting book two of The Pathfinders!

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This ARC copy was received from Lori Benton and Walter Multnomah in exchange for an honest review. The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.


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