The Curiosity Keeper by Sarah E. Ladd

Curiosity Keeper

Series: Book 1, Treasures of Surrey

Publication Date: July 2015

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ARC copy from Netgalley and Thomas Nelson Publishers

“All things work together for good to them that love the Lord.”

Inscription from Camille Iverness’s brooch

A flawless ruby the size of a quail’s egg stands at the center of controversy in this latest novel by award winning historical novelist Sarah E. Ladd. The ruby, called the Bevoy, is said to either bless or curse the person who has possession of it. As dusk fell one evening in Blinkett Street in a seedier part of London, Camille Iverness worked on finishing up her day’s work. A stranger, trying to find the ruby, gains entry into the shop and Camille gets wounded in the upheaval that results from Jonathan Gilchrist, heir to Kettering Hall, trying to save her as he too searches for the Bevoy ruby.

The novel explores in depth the meaning of family, values, and loss. Camille and Jonathan are both uncomfortable with the roles that life has handed them. They each strive to compensate for a lack of close familial relationships. Camille, in spite of her surroundings, has a strong set of personal values. When her circumstances change, Camille is challenged to remain self-sufficient.

This book started slow, but pulled me in tighter as the story gained depth. Overall, I enjoyed the story. Suspense, mystery, romance, and a subtle message of faith combine for an interesting read.

This ARC copy was received from Thomas Nelson and in exchange for an honest review. The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.


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