A Respectable Actress by Dorothy Love

Love, Dorothy  A Respectable Actress


Publication Date: October 2015

Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Copy from publisher as a “Fiction Guild Team Challenge” book



“Just as she lifted it there was a deafening explosion and a quick flash of fire. An anguished scream.”

                                                                                   -India Hartley

 A lovely, petite young woman in her twenties, India Hartley had booked a theatre run at the Southern Palace in Savannah, Georgia as she attempted to carry on with her acting career after the death of her father. For India, the renowned stage actress, the abrupt and surprising end of the first scene began a life altering time for her.

Once again author Dorothy Love takes us to late 1800’s Savannah with a story based on true people and grounded in historical detail of the era. As India works through the tension filled time leading up to the trial, she and her attorney, Phillip Sinclair, try to piece together the events leading up to the accident. The story reveals even more mysteries as details of Phillip Sinclair’s dead wife come to be disclosed.

The book is interesting and definitely pulls the reader into the story. The dual mysteries add suspense and depth to the story. I found the novel very well paced with dynamic characters and some interesting twists. An interesting throwback to Ms. Love’s last novel shows up in the book as well to bring the reader the feeling of meeting up with an old friend again. A bit of romance is thrown into the storyline to liven things up. Definitely an enjoyable read! Take the time to find out what happens to India and see if you can solve the mysteries!

This ARC copy was received from Thomas Nelson as part of the Fiction Guild Team Challenge in exchange for an honest review. The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.


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