The Preacher’s Lady by Lori Copeland

Copeland, Lori  The Preacher's Lady

Publication Date: Mar 2016

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ARC Copy from and Harvest House Publishers


“You and I are meant to be together, here, on this earth. You will be the mother of my children. As long as this heart beats in my chest, it will belong only to you.”

                                                                                    -Bo Garrett

 Elly Sullivan listened very seriously as Bo Garrett made his declaration above. At fifteen, she believed every word he told her. At sixteen, his intentions were good. Fast forward seven years to 1884 and Elly Sullivan is still single and living at home working on the family’s cranberry farm in Berrytop, Wisconsin and engaged once again to Gideon Long.

The Sullivan and Garrett families have farmed side-by-side for years. As harvest is ready to begin this year, Milt Garrett, Bo’s father, is not displaying the energy that he typically has in the past. Faye Garrett calls her wayward son, Bo, back home to help deal with the farm. Bo arrives back in Berrytop as the one thing he promised Elly he’d never be, a minister.  After seven long years of waiting, giving up, and bitterness, Elly does not exactly welcome this new Bo.

The book is a light hearted romance with undertones of faith and forgiveness. The theme of forgiving yourself before you can forgive others is a strong one in this novel. The story is a pleasant read with a predictable ending!

I received this copy from and Harvest House Publishers in exchange for a fair review. The opinions and statements above are my own.


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