The Cumberland Bride by Shannon McNear

Series: Daughters of the Mayflower, Book 5

Publication Date: 1 October 2018

Publisher: Barbour Books

ARC Copy from and Barbour Books


Step back in time to life along the Wilderness Trail in April 1794 in the latest of the Daughters of the Mayflower series. This fifth book in the series by Shannon McNear brings to life the struggles and difficulties our ancestors had to endure as they moved westward.

The story focuses on the Gruener family and Thomas Bledsoe, a solemn, sober young man who will serve as their guide on the move from Virginia to Kentucky. The Gruener family’s oldest daughter, Kate, catches the eye of Thomas, but he’s sworn off getting entangled with a woman that might wind up crying over him. A bit on the rugged side, Thomas spent some time as a captive with the Shawnee tribe and as a result is fairly comfortable in both worlds.

Kate, inquisitive and not overly shy, makes a point of enquiring about everyone’s story. She feels that each person’s story makes them who they are. As a result of her curious nature, she prods Thomas a bit beyond his comfort level. Can these two young people find a common ground and make a life for themselves?

Colorful and filled with historical detail, this novel is a great read. I enjoyed the particulars of travel along the trail as well as the heightened sense of adventure detailed through the use of Indians, the perils of travel, and discontent among the travelers.  Readers who enjoy historical fiction, particularly from the post Revolutionary War era, will enjoy this book.

This ARC copy was received from Barbour Books and in exchange for an honest review. The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.

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