As The Light Fades by Catherine West

When Liz Carlisle’s life takes a tough turn, she finds herself living back at her family home on Nantucket. Trying to recover emotionally from a complex situation, she winds up in the middle of a chaotic renovation, a dad with Alzheimer’s, a troubled teen, no job, and nowhere to live. What’s a woman to do?


Liz is not a quitter. She begins trying to figure out her life and all of its complexity, tackling her issues one at a time. In the process of resolving her living issue, she meets Matt Stone, hernew landlord and neighbor. With his own set of difficulties to resolve, Matt struggles with his attraction to his new neighbor. 


This novel depicts the themes of family dynamics, forgiveness, healing, and grace. The story tackles some difficult issues as well; abuse and cutting. The characters feel real, but their relationships and the conflicts they deal with weren’t developed as thoroughly as they could have been. The alternating narration in chapters slowed the pace of the story in places, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book and definitely recommend it for a good summer read that is not too light and fluffy. Definitely worth your time! 


This ARC copy was received from IBPA and The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own


Four stars!


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3 responses to “As The Light Fades by Catherine West

  1. I read this one and enjoyed it. I was not expecting some of the heavier issues, but they were well done and I will be looking for more from this author. Nice review.


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