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Out of the Storm by Jody Hedlund


Hedlund, Jody  Out of the Storm

Series: Beacons of Hope, a Novella

Publication Date: 2014

Publisher: Bethany House

                                     “Why did love and heartache have to walk in such close companionship?”

Isabelle Thornton, a lovely young woman living a secluded life at the Presque Isle Lighthouse, has a terrible secret that keeps her frightened and alone on the remote island until Henry Cole, a rather lazy, handsome young man from a wealthy family washes ashore one morning. Isabelle’s life is changed forever with the introduction of Henry into her life.

The lighthouse is located in northern Michigan and the time period is 1854. Set during the time of a large expansion of the lumber business, the story touches on historical details regarding the lumber trade, shipping on the great lakes, and the keeping of a lighthouse. Henry and Isabelle’s story unfolds as Henry recuperates at the lighthouse after a terrible wreck in their area.

This novella is an intense, short story that helps remind us that having a handicap in one aspect of our life does not stop us from enjoying life to the fullest in the rest of our existence. Faith, love, and hope make all things possible is definitely a strong theme in this story.

5/5 for novellas


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