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Can’t Wait to Read 2016!

As I roll through January, I am already thinking about the new books I am excited to read in 2016. I  made a list to  give you a brief peek at some of the books I hope to review for the coming year. I am sure many of you will be as excited to read some of these new novels as I am. Here is what we have to look forward to in 2016.

  • Benton, Lori A Flight of ArrowsAuthor: Lori Benton

Release Date: April 2016




  • Cambron, Kristy The Ringmaster's WifeAuthor: Kristy Cambron

Release Date: June 2016




  • Ladd, Sarah Dawn at EmberwildeAuthor:  Sarah E. Ladd

From the Treasures of Surrey series, Book 2

Release Date: May  2016



  • Camden, Elizabeth From This MomentAuthor: Elizabeth Camden

Release Date: June 2016




  • Mitchell, Siri Flirtation WalkAuthor:  Siri Mitchell

Release Date: March 2016




  • Sawyer, Kim Vogel Room for HopeAuthor: Kim Vogel Sawyer

Release Date:  February 2016




  • Copeland, Lori The Preacher's LadyAuthor:  Lori Copeland

Release Date: March 2016Series: Sugar Maple Hearts




  • Peterson Tracie A Treasure ConcealedAuthor: Tracie Peterson

Release Date: March 2016




  • Author: Laurie Alice EakesEakes, Laurie Alice The Carpenter's Inheritance

Release Date: June 2016

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